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Meet your crew

Guidance + Discovery


The captain is the key member of the crew, there to ensure your itinerary is exactly how you imagined it. His advice is based on extensive experience. Trust him to make your trip as rewarding as possible! Ready to respond to any request, he can quench your thirst for adventure, no matter what style of cruise you selected. Although he’s the captain, you’re still in charge of your own voyage!

Gastronomy + Inspiration


Our chef is a fine addition to your trip, able to satisfy even the most refined palate with dishes tailored to each passenger’s taste. A master in treating the taste buds of all passengers, he’s also available to teach basic cooking skills if your inner chef is looking for a new experience!

With our chef on board to create unique experiences, get ready to enjoy the catch of the day, local delicacies, and more. The incredibly rich colours and flavours of the Bahamas are all on the menu! Everyone can enjoy the fresh and vibrant local ingredients in the dishes you’ll savour throughout the voyage. Learn more about our gourmet cruise!

Based on the type of voyage

Additional crew members

Want to enhance your experience even more? We’ll provide water activity instructors and extra crew members for any type of cruise you’d like. Children’s activities, guides for whatever experience you envision, or even a stewardess to further elevate your luxury cruise!

Explore the famous seabeds, coral reefs and marine life of the Bahamas with a highly qualified diving instructor!
Enjoy a unique experience on the turquoise Bahamian waters thanks to our kitemaster.
Unwind and let our stewardess attend to your every need, providing food and drink service throughout your trip.
Fishing Master
Explore one of the best fishing spots in the world with an offshore fishing expert. Get ready for some exotic fish!
Surf Master
Are you a thrill seeker? Take advantage of our surf master’s expertise and learn how to surf near some of the most beautiful beaches in the Bahamas.

More than 700 islands

Quench your thirst for adventure

Cabin floor plans

The Serenity features 5 spacious and luxurious cabins. Each guest will also enjoy their own private bathroom.

Cabin details
  1. Cabin with queen-size bed and bathroom
  2. Cabin with queen-size bed and bathroom
  3. Crew cabin
  1. Large cabin with queen-size bed and spacious bathroom
  2. Cabin with queen-size bed and bathroom

Common area floor plan

To make the most of your voyage, unwind in the various indoor and outdoor relaxation areas.

Level details
  1. Kitchen
  2. Lounge
  3. Cockpit