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About Serenity by
Marc Saulnier

Designed Project by

Marc Saulnier

Marc Saulnier has an entrepreneurial spirit since a very young age. A man of action and challenges, he owns several companies in the fields he is passionate about: navigation, forestry, real estate, construction equipment rental, etc. He brings to life many projects and is constantly looking for new challenges. He’s managed to surround himself with a strong, dynamic and experienced team in all of his activities. Marc Saulnier isn’t focused on being successful, he much rather be a man of value who invests in the future and gives selflessly to his community.

A dream come true

Beyond the company

Marc Saulnier’s passion for navigation led him to become a captain. And it was during his escapades as a captain that he discovered a market niche for luxurious private catamaran cruises. Offering to live the ultimate experience, he purchased a high-end catamaran that made him stand apart from the competition.The catamaran can accommodate a group of up to 8 people for a tailor-made getaway in the Bahamas. Being passionate about the nautical world, he ensured to offer many inclusions (scuba diving, kite surfing, paddle board, wake board, etc.) and to also have the best team on board. Serenity Navigation is more than just a business, it’s also a dream vacation for nautical enthusiasts like him! With our chef on board to create unique experiences, get ready to enjoy the catch of the day, local delicacies, and more. The incredibly rich colours and flavours of the Bahamas are all on the menu! Everyone can enjoy the fresh and vibrant local ingredients in the dishes you’ll savour throughout the voyage. Learn more about our gourmet cruise!

Cabin floor plans

The Serenity features 5 spacious and luxurious cabins. Each guest will also enjoy their own private bathroom.

Cabin details
  1. Cabin with queen-size bed and bathroom
  2. Cabin with queen-size bed and bathroom
  3. Crew cabin
  1. Large cabin with queen-size bed and spacious bathroom
  2. Cabin with queen-size bed and bathroom

Common area floor plan

To make the most of your voyage, unwind in the various indoor and outdoor relaxation areas.

Level details
  1. Kitchen
  2. Lounge
  3. Cockpit