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The Bahamas

The Bahamas is an archipelago in the heart of the Caribbean famous for its crystalline turquoise water, white, pink or golden sand and protected environment. Set sail for a thrilling adventure and enjoy the sea on a cruise tailored to your every desire. 

From Nassau, sail wherever you want aboard this peaceful refuge. Enjoy a complete change of scenery, admire enchanting landscapes, explore a rich and diversified wildlife and flora. Moor by pristine beaches or in hidden bays so you can practice your favourite water sports or go on a hike off the beaten path.

A private cruise in the Bahamas with your family, friends or coworkers is the best way to experience the Caribbean. Fulfil your need for comfort, refinement and evasion with a trip on our catamaran.

Over 700

Paradise islands

Discover a true floating paradise in the northern Caribbean Sea during your catamaran cruise. Connect with nature in one of the many ecological havens located on some of the 700 islands and 2,000 rocks.

Discover the unique character and treasures—such as ecotourism, national parks and nightlife—of each island of the Bahamas. A wide array of activities for every taste. The major islands of the Bahamas are:

A fascinating


Interact with the local population and immerse yourself in the culture of the Bahamas to discover a Caribbean way of life steeped in history and ancient rituals. Follow the footsteps of the great pirates, privateers and shipwreck looters. Learn about obeah, a Bahamian version of voodoo developed by African ancestors. Attend a goombay show, to listen to this very distinctive traditional music that combines traditional African sounds and European musical structures. Take your time and visit certain ports, stroll through the historical centre of old cities and browse around markets where artisans and farmers sell their products.

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Our different cruises

Do you wish to go on a private cruise to the Bahamas? Learn more about the various activities and types of cruises we offer and set sail for a unique experience on a luxury catamaran.

Cabin floor plans

The Serenity features 5 spacious and luxurious cabins. Each guest will also enjoy their own private bathroom.

Cabin details
  1. Cabin with queen-size bed and bathroom
  2. Cabin with queen-size bed and bathroom
  3. Crew cabin
  1. Large cabin with queen-size bed and spacious bathroom
  2. Cabin with queen-size bed and bathroom

Common area floor plan

To make the most of your voyage, unwind in the various indoor and outdoor relaxation areas.

Level details
  1. Kitchen
  2. Lounge
  3. Cockpit